Easter Week 1988

Until that time, Dominic and Nando played soccer, and Marcos, the youngest of the family, at the age of 6, played the piano as an after-school activity.

After the weekend games, the whole family used to spend the day at the beach, until one day fate wanted that in that Holy Week of 1988, waiting for the chaotic traffic to clear, and just before reaching the desperation of waiting in the car, the father of the family decided to take the road to La Pardilla tennis club, where the passion for a sport begun and that continues until this day.

Dominic and Nando started taking tennis lessons on Saturdays, while Marcos spent hours and hours playing against a wall.


In January 1989, Dominic and Nando decided to quit football and the three brothers started playing tennis for three hours a week. Around this time, Dominic was 17 years old, Nando 13, and Marcos 7.


Little by little, the three brothers started upgrading their level and began to win tournaments at a local level, and very soon little Marcos was a finalist in the Canary Islands at the age of nine. The following year he won the Canary Islands Championship, and he won it again the following two years (years 93 and 94). In those years he was already beginning to play in Spanish championships and had his first clashes with players like David Ferrer, Fernando Verdasco, Marc López and David Marrero.


Vicky, the mother, supported her three children in tournaments, and Fernando, the father, decided to do the refereeing course due to the lack of these at that time.

Fernando became the referee judge in the best tournaments in the Canary Islands and also became the linesman in professional tournaments.

Very soon, two years after he started playing, Dominic decided to dedicate himself to teaching, starting to teach tennis and using the money he had earned to train as a coach.

He traveled to do many courses and conferences.


Dominic started his career in 1993


When Nando finished his high school studies, he decided to go to university to study engineering.

He never gave up tennis, he taught classes to pay for his career while playing outright tournaments to earn extra money.


With Dominic determined to be a tennis coach and Nando to be an engineer, he still needed to guide the youngest of the family, who at that time was around 13 years old.

Fernando and Vicky were concerned about how expensive it was going to be to give Marcos everything he needed to continue improving his tennis skills, and in the absence of aid on the island, they decided to go to the English Federation taking advantage of dual nationality.

He took a test with the brilliant player Mark Cox, who was responsible for the young English players.


He was delighted with Marcos's game but made it an indispensable condition for him to live in London, and that way he would take care of all the expenses.

Fernando and Vicky did not want to send him alone to another country, and they did not want mother and son to move alone to London. Because of that, Marcos continued training with Dominic in Las Palmas.


In a second attempt to help Marcos, Vicky got in touch with Tony Pickard, at that time Stefan Edberg's coach (Marcos's idol).



Years passed and the Conde Jackson brothers became well known, Dominic and Nando as coaches, although the former with full dedication and Marcos as a player.

In 2000, Marcos was proclaimed champion of Spain in doubles by partnering with Guillermo García-López, he began to play his first Futures and in September of that year, he had the opportunity to train in Mallorca.

There was a very good group of players with Carlos Moyá at the head of the project and with  Rafael Nadal who was 14 years old at the time (year 2000).

Marcos Carlos.jpg

Marcos Conde “my time in Mallorca was the best thing that has happened to me in life. Having Toni Nadal and Jofre Porta as my coaches and Juan Forcades as my physical trainer.

Training with Carlos Moyá and Rafael Nadal and also having a close friendship with them and other training partners made me feel like a privileged person and, above all, those experiences have helped me to be the person I am nowadays ”.


In 2001, Fernando and Vicky had the opportunity to run a tennis club, with the help of Nando, who was the coach, giving classes.

 By then Dominic had been the principal of  La Pardilla school for a long time and Marcos was completely committed to his playing career.


In June 2002 Marcos had to return to Las Palmas due to how expensive his training and travelling was being for his family, and on his return he kept on training with his brothers Dominic and Nando.


 He continued to play until the age of 23, when he decided to quit professional tennis having been 727 in the ATP Rankings. (06-13-2005).


Between 2003 and 2011, Marcos played for teams in the German league and in the French league.


In 2006 he began his career as a coach, teaching at the club where his parents worked.


During these years Dominic, already working as director since 2000, gets the school and La Pardilla Club to be recognized nationally.


The absolute teams in the 2nd National Division, finalists of the Spanish Championship for girls teams, numerous champion players such as David Vega Hernández, Spanish junior doubles champion and champion of the Young Promises Brand Masters.


In 2007 the Professional Tennis Registry awarded Dominic for being the best European Registry of ProfessionalTennis' tennis director in Spain.


A few years later, for better or for worse, the economic crisis started to affect Nando and he had to close his company.


He joined his brother, Marcos, and between the two of them they created a very important tennis school with many students.


Dominic began training David Marrero in 2009.


At that time, David alternated singles and doubles, until they decided to focus exclusively on doubles.


In 2011, the three brothers created Conde Jackson Tenis Pro, a company dedicated to tennis, they began to shape the project of having their own club, they looked for land to build and began to ask investors to invest in their project.


The family suffers a severe setback with the death of their father (03-23-2012) that made everything stop for almost 6 months.


In 2013, David managed to finish the year at number 5 in the ATP Rankings and managed to win the Tennis  Masters Cup in London.

Equipo Copa Davis.jpg


After that time they continued with the Conde Jackson Tennis Club project, and after a few months they got the necessary funding and the club began to be built on 07-01-2013, and opened on 05-30-2014.

foto club antigua.PNG

After a few months they got the necessary funding and the club began to be built on 07-01-2013, and opened on 05-30-2014.