Now you can reserve your tennis and paddle courts at Conde Jackson Las Palmas and Conde Jackson Maspalomas in a faster and easier way with PlayTomic.


Steps to download and start using PlayTomic:


  • Download the Playtomic APP (IOS and ANDROID)

  • Sign up

  • Once registered, link your PlayTomic account with us to be able to use your club bonuses in PlayTomic, it is very easy. Look for Conde Jackson Las Palmas, Maspalomas and 7 Palmas, "Reserve", and at the end of all, click on "associate account". You must use the email and password you have at the club (if you have any questions, please contact us).

  • And finally, answer the questions so that you will be assigned a level and be able to get the most out of PlayTomic.



Playtomic advantages


  • It is a very social app as it can be in contact with many players.

  • Possibility of paying by card or voucher wallet / club hours from the app avoiding procedures in the same club.

  • Possibility of finding players of your level or similar to play the day and time you want, thus avoiding searching on your own.

  • Statistics of all your matches and the rest of the club's players.

  • Own level that changes depending on the games you are winning or losing in your friendly or league games.

  • Future Ranking of the club with the level of PlayTomic.

  • Internal chat without having to use whatsapp to have good communication between players and the club.

  • Possibility of sending a link to your acquaintances to reserve a track.